Cakes and desserts with fruit- Part 2


It's almost the end of summer (not really true, but sounds good to say it) and I find I'm having trouble finding sweet mangoes. Is it just me or am I looking for them in all the wrong places?

So maybe, it's a good time to indulge in the last fruits of the season with the second part of this workshop. On the menu-

Whole orange and chocolate cupcakes- if you like the combination of orange and chocolate, this one's definitely for you. An orange scented cuppie topped with a luscious swirl of ganache;

Strawberry cheesecake- a cheesecake that can be made any time of the year with ingredients that are easily available. No need to rush around town trying to locate a store that sells cream cheese;

Honeyed mango mousse- a super smooth mousse, a tribute to the king of fruits and

Pineapple delicious-a baked dessert that is easy to assemble and tastes absolutely divine.

At Kottivakkam, on June 4th, 10.30am-2.30pm.

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