Mediterranean medley at Bayroot


The problem with being tech challenged is that when something stops working, one doesn't know how to proceed. Used to working on the desktop, one fine day the hard drive crashed and with it, my blogging life too. All my photos, files, class notes, everything vanished into thin air. The ignominy was to listen to the husband's and son's "we told you so" (nope, didn't back up any of my files). 

After moping all through the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, I finally decided to befriend my phone. Clumsy fingers ensure that every post gets redone at least 6 times but hey, at least the job gets done. For example, this is the 4th time I'm drafting this one.

Green Meadows Resort is truly a hidden gem. Good mid eastern food is almost impossible to get in Chennai and then Bayroot comes along and proves otherwise. 

Only my second visit there and I'm so taken up with the place, the food and the service. 

This time around, the long, leisurely lunch was in the company of two lovely ladies. The eclectic menu offers not just middle eastern food but also Italian, Japanese, Asian, Thai and Indian - did I miss anything 🤔

Honey chilli lotus root was crunchy (nothing worse than soggy lotus root) and the medley of flavours was delish

Khatafi prawn with walnut paste was impressive. Rice vermicelli was used to wrap the prawns and the end result was all kinds of delectable. Though the prawns were large, they were succulent to the last bite.

Vegetable moussaka, surrounded by a pool of tahini sauce, was simply epic. Lighter than the usual bechamel, this was a brilliant combination that had us scraping our plates clean.

If you like duck, just order the duck confit with creamy polenta and jus. The portion of duck was pretty large but so beautifully done that it practically fell off the bone. The creamy polenta was the perfect accompaniment. 

After a meal like this, dessert was going to be an indulgence so we shared a biscoff cheesecake. Served upside down, the moreish cheesecake came with a scoop of ice cream. Like I said, it was an indulgence. 

Our meal for 3, along with mocktails, worked out to about 1000/ per head. Which is fine, considering the quality of the food and top notch service. 

Bayroot is at Green Meadows Resort 
4, 364 Anna Salai Road, 
Chennai 600041.

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