At the Sweet Endings workshop


Many folks like something sweet at the end of a meal. Not a dessert per se but a nibble of something sweet. My father in law, for instance. After lunch, he'd have a piece of chocolate, a toffee, a boiled sweet, or even a date. After munching on it, he'd go off to his room, read awhile and then have a small nap. Content.

I guess that was the inspiration for this workshop. All of the recipes are very quick to make and indeed a sweet end to any meal.

Marbled cake

A play of textures- almond meringue cake

The softest ever chocolate glazed doughnuts

Biscotti- perfect for dunking into a cup of tea or coffee

Smooth, melt in the mouth coconut caramel pannacotta 

Sweet Endings- a workshop


Wouldn't you like to have a dessert after every meal?

At a workshop on  Sweet Endings, the menu has chocolate glazed doughnuts, almond meringue cake, marbled cake, almond and aniseed biscotti and coconut caramel pannacotta.

Not the typical desserts, but a sweet end to a meal.

Chocolate glazed doughnuts

Update- if you are attending, please send your phone number, leave an email with your contact address or call me at the number given. Thank you.

At the Stuffed Buns Workshop (Part 2)


The second part of the stuffed buns workshop yielded these-

Chicken curry buns

Sausage twists

Cheese and herb buns

Apple strips

Good looking buns, right?

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