Italian indulgence at Focaccia, HRC


Chef-de-cuisine Mauro Ferrari has brought some bontá to Hyatt Regency Chennai just in time for the Christmas season. Sipping on a Chianti, it was easy to indulge in the 4 course menu that was simple in presentation but packed with flavour. Chef Mauro was out for the night but his able elves assistants had been trained well. Like the vegetarian appetizer of cheese crème brûlée topped with a sesame stick and panko fried vegetables amply demonstrated.

Cheese crème brûlée with fried veg

Smoked turkey ham salad
The burnt sugar crust shattered with a single tap of the spoon to reveal a slightly sweet, slightly savoury but absolutely moreish creamy Emmental and Parmesan custard, just the thing to dip the crisp fried veg into. The non veg offering was dressed salad leaves topped with grape slices, smoked turkey ham and pecorino cheese topped with a fried quail egg.

Lamb shank tortellini

Asparagus risotto

The pasta course had braised lamb shank tortellini. Thinly rolled out handmade pasta enclosed the flavours of lamb and caramelised onions, a robust yet delicate pairing. The pasta sat in shallow puddles of jus, just enough to give it a little more moisture. The asparagus risotto with Gorgonzola cheese fondue was another stunning dish, the strong flavours of the cheese did not overwhelm the taste of thinly sliced asparagus.

Slow roasted turkey

It's nearly Christmas and there was turkey for the main course. The slow roasted bird was cooked to tenderness, crunchy walnuts and figs and the sweetness of dates and panettone crumbs added to the palette of textures.

Potato and mushroom millefeuille

We also sampled the perfectly cooked potato and mushroom millefeuille; the stack had been assembled so well that it stayed intact till the very end.

Eggnog, Christmas pudding with brandy butter, mini panettone and vanilla cream

Dessert was a trio of traditional Christmas favourites - Christmas pudding, heady with the aroma of spices and served with brandy butter, panettone and fluffy eggnog. It missed the mark somewhere, was not as impressive as the other courses had been.

Italian Indulgence is only on till December 23rd for dinner at 1800/++ per head. The Christmas Eve dinner features a 5 course menu with some of the favourites of Italian Indulgence being featured as well.

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