Shot glass and bite sized desserts - a workshop

 What's the one thing you look forward to when you're invited for a meal? Come on, be honest.
Desserts, of course. Unless you hate them or do not have a sweet tooth.

Shot glass desserts have become very popular. The visual appeal of a tray full of tiny glasses filled with mousses, jellies, slices, custards and decorated with cream rosettes, chocolate shavings and tiny slices of fruit make the dessert counter the most popular. The nicest thing, of course, is that since the portions are very small, one need not feel too guilty of trying two or even three varieties.

My class on shot glass and bite sized desserts is on Saturday July 30, from 10.30 am - 2.30 pm at Kottivakkam. I will be showing you how to make white chocolate and orange muffins, lemon cream, brownie chocolate pudding, crème brûlée, orange pannacotta, rhum au baba and mango whip.

Classic white chocolate crème brûlée 

See you!


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