At the grill

Grilled foods and barbeques are quintessential party food. Three or four different marinades, a few kinds of meat and vegetables, an efficient grill and you're good to go.

In an oven, the marinated food is placed on a grid with a drip pan underneath and the whole thing is placed under a hot grill. Ridged grill pans and frying pans are also excellent for grilling meat and vegetables on a stovetop.

Once the meats are marinated, most of the work is done. Grilled food is healthy so long as a minimal amount of oil is used. Also take care that the food does not char too much.

The following pictures were taken at a recently conducted grill workshop.


Sweet chilli prawns

Moroccan chicken

Barbequed chicken

Teriyaki chicken skewers

Grilled chicken with yoghurt and lime

Rosti as an accompaniment

And a big bowl of salad


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