The Baker Showcase Part 3

The Baker Showcase Edition 3 was held on February 2 at the auditorium of the Asan Memorial School. This time, the venue was spacious and the the hungry crowds could browse through all the goodies at the various stalls. But browsing was not a very good idea as many soon found out. By the time they returned to the stall where they had mentally reserved their chosen goody, it had been sold out. Oh, it will be a long wait for the next showcase.

Yours truly was part of the Soul Food Sisters, a group of 3 with age and some experience on our side. My stall-mates were two formidable cooks and bakers- Girija Menon and Tasneem Ayub.

Girija brought yummy cheesy classic and mushroom quiche, finger lickin' date cream cheese pie, roasted vegetable lasagna and apple strudel muffins. Tasneem, with her vast experience in Muslim cuisine and the keeper of her family's heirloom recipes, had made mutton biriyani and fish pickle. Also two sweets that you won't find in any shop- the Nurjehani lauz khajoor, a cookie redolent with ghee, khoa, and generous amounts of almonds and the divine zafrani badam ka meetha. She had packed the sweets in cute little bags that became the topic of conversation the whole evening.

My menu was quite simple:

Nankhatai and cheddar chilli biscuits. 
Fondant carrot toppers

Carrot cupcake and the mini ooey gooey cake

Hainanese chicken pie, citrus drizzle slice and nankhatai

Chocolate batik slices

Chicken pies

And this was the whole spread.

The photograph below was taken by the youngest  blogger at the showcase- little Nayonika.

Photo credits
*Shyma Mathai
*Dramaswamy Archana


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