Quiche, Pies and Tarts Part 2- a workshop

Sitting in Sharjah, I open my blog to publish my new post and find everything in Arabic and everything reading from right to left. It took me quite a few tries and Google translation to finally publish this!!

A brand new year is around the corner, here's wishing everyone a fantastic 2014. Me, I'm rushing headlong into work, or rather, workshops, after a fantastic holiday. Batteries fully charged.

So my new year begins with an amend- I was to do this workshop in May, but it never happened and I guess now is as good a time as any- part 2 of the Quiche, Pies and Tarts workshop.

On the menu : A healthy spinach pie, tandoori chicken and paneer tart, pastry topped chicken and mushroom tart and lemon tart slices. And , of course, how to make a shortcrust pastry that's light and yet tender.

On January 4th, at Kottivakkam, 10.30am-2.30pm.


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