Happy Valentine's Day at Hot Breads

What is fondant?

In French, it means 'melting'. In culinary terms, it's a paste made of sugar, water and a flavouring. It has umpteen uses in confectionery, and bakers use it to enrobe cakes, and stiffen it further to shape it into flowers and cake toppers which are used to decorate the cakes.

The Fondant Cake Festival by Hot Breads showcased just that-cakes covered with fondant and decorated with intricate bows, stars and circles. Of course, it helps that the cake itself is delicious.

This sunshine yellow fondant encasing a vanilla sponge cake

Layers of moist chocolate sponge under blue starry fondant

Get creative with these food safe pens and a blank fondant canvas

What else but heart shaped cakes for Valentine's day...

Colour and flavour of the season- red velvet!!

And these cuties are red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Bless their yummy little hearts!!

Need to get a cake for your beloved? It just so happens that Hot Breads has a contest for Valentine's day. Do check out details at https://www.facebook.com/hotbreads.in

And Happy Valentine's Day.


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