Cakes and desserts with fruit- a workshop

Summer's here. And that's also when there's lots of fruit available in the markets. After a while, watermelons turn into watermelon juice, watermelon prawn cocktail, watermelon punch, mangoes turn into mango shakes, mango ice cream, mango know where I'm going with this...

So what better time than now to make fruit based cakes and desserts. Hence, a workshop on "Cakes and Desserts with Fruit".

And from the basket, guess what gets pulled out...

Awesome brownies-- what? chocolate is not a fruit???!!
Date cake with butterscotch sauce,
Upside down apple pie,
Lychee ginger gateau,
Pear and almond flan.

The mangoes come later.

The workshop will be at Kottivakkam on April 11, 10.30 am-2.30 pm.

It will be a sweet summer, I'm sure.


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