At the Casseroles and One Dish Meals workshop

The swirling mists parted, and through the space came a sound. It got shriller and finally, the mists dissipated and the sound of the alarm clock registered. I reached out and thumped it off and burrowed deeper into the blanket. The mists almost closed up again when there was a thought... why was the alarm on at all? I almost jumped out of bed when I realised there was plenty to do before start of class. Moving the curtain aside, I looked out of the window to see a rain-kissed grey sky. Ooh, just the weather for a hot casserole...

And that day, thanks to the good weather, a great bunch of students went home with these:

a chicken and vegetable casserole that had to be done in a roasting pan (who cares, as long as there's plenty in it);

a yummy, scrummy picnic meat loaf;

a tuna loaf with thousand island dressing) - one student told me it was the first time she was having tuna and she loved it (phew!);

a pasta chicken bake that could be served 3 ways;

and just when they thought the sight and aroma of all that food would make them pass out in hunger, they got to make and eat their own croque messieurs!! dancing smiley courtesy of www.freesmileys.orgYum yum yum!!!


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