Celebrations and High Tea at Park Hyatt

Who doesn't like being invited to a birthday? A time to celebrate with friends, food and cake. At this party, there was plenty of all three.

It was the 1st of October and Park Hyatt has turned 2. A group of us had been invited to celebrate the occasion at the Dining Room. I love this space which overlooks the Terrace Deck and a tranquil pool of water. It has comfortable seating and is a good place to meet someone over coffee and snacks.

It was also an occasion to launch the hotel's "High Tea Affair". The chefs have rolled out an interesting menu that has a mix of Indian and English high tea elements. The menu changes every day and vegetarians will not be disappointed.

We were welcomed by 2 lovely ladies, PR Manager, Gargi Guha and PR Executive Parijat Gupta. Most of us invitees knew each other and conversation flowed as easily as the South Indian filter coffee served in dabaras... seriously... in a five star setting...?? How delightful!

So what did we have that day?

Along with the coffee, or tea (assorted flavours) that some preferred, there were lovely little biscuits - one was crunchy with pistachio bits and another was a chocolate chip. Deliciously addictive.

Authentic South Indian filter coffee served in a dabara

Pistachio biscuits; chocolate chip biscuits

Healthy granola bars in case you feel virtuous

Deliciously moist salmon sandwiches, colourful cheese and tomato sandwiches for the vegetarians

Crisp and hot sabudana vadas paired with mint chutney. We kept asking for refills

Glazed fig teacake (we loved this), brownie with chocolate mousse, fresh fruit and even chocolates

At the chaat counter, all 4 were scrumptious.

When was the last time you saw one of these?

Yes, it's a kettle. What a treasure!

The filter coffee percolator

Coffee making in progress

Needless to say, the high tea was a hit with the group; and we couldn't leave until we had met pastry chef Selva. Of course he wouldn't part with the recipe of that absolutely delicious brownie mousse slice but we did manage to get him to agree to organise a baking workshop very soon.

The High Tea Affair is on every day from 4-6pm @ 600/- per head (includes taxes). 


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