Sawasdee Thai Celebration at Park Hyatt Chennai

Thai food may seem simple to make but it is actually a complex assemblage of different tastes that come together in harmony. Chef Supattra's seafood salad is an example - a blend of tart lime juice, saltiness from fish sauce, sweetness from sugar, a bite of heat from chillies, celery leaves added a wonderful brightness and of course, the textures of scallops, prawns and fish completed it. And the for the soul indeed!

As part of the Masters of Food and Wine programme, Park Hyatt Chennai has brought over Chef Supratta from Park Hyatt Dubai just in time to celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year. The Flying Elephant is the venue for the Sawasdee Thai Festival.

Cocktails with quirky names are on offer. How does Love on Khao San Road sound? Or Siam Sunshine, a rum based cocktail? All of them have Thai elements and that's the twist in the tail...or tale?

Thai cocktails with names like Pattaya Special; Sunny Jim; Thai Collins; Siam Sunshine

The Bridge on the River Kwai

My favourite is The Bridge on the River Kwai. It starts sweet and smooth but oh boy...does it pack a punch!

Green papaya salad

Seafood salad with celery and cherry tomato; Bangkok Summer

We were floored by the amazing flavours of Thailand that the chef presented. That bowl of green papaya salad was crunchy and bursting with flavour. Vegetarians will be delighted by all that's on their menu. An unusual dish was the one with mock meat. The vegetarian version of Pad Thai was one we all fought over.

Tofu with basil
Textured vegetable protein

Thai red curry, all veg

Another stunner was the fragrant Thai red veg curry. It had a wonderful mix of vegetables and the deep red gravy looked fiery but was actually mellow.

Lamb massaman curry

Green curry with steamed rice

Chef Supprata has 23 years of experience as a Hyatt chef, having learnt the art and craft from her father. What could possibly be better than Thai food cooked by a Thai chef using the right ingredients.

We tried a hearty lamb massaman curry and the classic green curry with chicken. Both were served with rice.

Mixed seafood in banana leaf - a medley of fish and squid

Pad Thai with prawns

Glass noodles with shrimp, celery and spring onion

Favourites of the evening were Pad Thai and Glass Noodles with Shrimp. That dish had been finished with a bit of sesame oil which tied up the flavours beautifully.

Sago, cantaloupe, coconut milk; water chestnut with jackfruit

Delicious sticky rice with mango

Whatever you order, do not miss the desserts. All 3 are coconut milk-based and fabulous and a good way to cool down if you ate anything spicy. Or even if you didn't!

This festival is on till April 29th and only for dinner. It's a la carte and prior reservation is recommended.

Park Hyatt
39, Velachery Main Road (near Raj Bhavan)
Chennai 600032.
044 7177 1655.


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