Wok to China - a workshop

Ever wonder why your Chinese fried rice never looks like how they make it at restaurants? Or why your noodles clump up into a mess of overcooked dough and keep breaking as you try to separate them?

What you need is to come with me on a Wok to China and learn the secrets of cooking restaurant-style Chinese food at home. 

On the menu:

* Chicken wantan soup
* Steamed chicken parcels
* Prawns with dried chillies and cashewnuts
* Gold coin tofu with assorted vegetables
* Stir-fried chicken
* Fish in chilli garlic sauce
* Fried Hongkong noodles
* Pineapple fried rice
* Lychees with almond jelly   

On Saturday July 16, from 10.30 am - 2.30 pm at Kottivakkam. 


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