Wharf 2.0, Temple Bay

The five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space, are contained in everything that exists. When the elements are in sync, it's a perfect life.


It was my first time at the Temple Bay resort and having arrived alone, was unsure of which direction to take to go to the Wharf. Friendly staff directed me to the buggy stop and when the next one trundled along, I hopped in. It took a winding route, along manicured lawns and flower beds, past the cottages and chalets and finally came to a stop near the restaurant where I got off. But I had seen something interesting and walked back to a life-size chess set. 2 young men were playing a game and didn't mind me taking a picture.

Sun, sea and earth

Temple Bay, run by the GRT group, is a beautiful resort at Mahabalipuram. The Wharf, its beachside restaurant had been in need of a makeover and so it was decided to completely refurbish it. And when the work was over, how better to launch the new space, the new name and the new logo than to have a beach party? The new thatched roof with its streaks of blue that sometimes matched the colour of the waters of the Bay was particularly appealing. Beach shacks line the sea-front edge of the property.

Wharf 2.0

Wharf 2.0 must be at the crossroads of the 5 elements. The grass is lush, just beyond is the sea whose restless waves caress the shore and coconut palms sway in unison.  A cool wind blew through the crowd of both locals and expats who had assembled in the lawn. Friends met up, strangers became friends and the drinks flowed like the waters of the sea.

Tender coconut anyone??

Welcome shots

There was still light in the sky when the welcome drinks in test tubes were offered. As darkness fell, we could see a ramp has been set up and lights directed at it.

Cheesy tikkas

Mushroom en croute

Appetisers were served, deliciously cheesy chicken tikkas and mushroom parcels. There were lots of other things but by then, we knew that plenty of food was being cooked on the grills.



The logo

The ramp was lit up and in a perfect photo op moment, the moon appeared between 2 coconut trees. There was a fashion show by models showcasing designer Prajanya Anand's creations. After that, Vikram Cotah, COO of GRT Hotels and Resorts unveiled the new logo of Wharf 2.0. It was now the turn of his team to strut on the catwalk. Pop music from the 80s played over the system and everyone knew the lyrics as they sang and swayed along.

Grilling the night away

A barbeque area had been set up in one corner and the aroma of fish, prawns, paneer, vegetables and kebabs being grilled was simply irresistible. More food was served in the restobar and the lineup of desserts was incredibly tempting. (P.S. I've heard that Temple Bay's forte is its desserts and I'm inclined to agree.)

Temple Bay and Wharf 2.0 are certainly deserving of a second visit especially since I like my seafood grilled. A meal for 2 without alcohol is 2000/++. And something tells me that when I go, it will be the perfect night.

(The Wharf has had a bit of a checkered past. In December 2004, when it was all set to open, the Indian Ocean tsunami destroyed much of the property. After repairs, it was relaunched in February of the next year.)


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