The Gourmet Experience Centre

Haddows Road is the address of the Gourmet Experience Centre. This is a space where cooking experiences can be created not just by masterchefs but even by cooking enthusiasts. The Centre houses a 1000 sq. ft. cooking studio and a cook area fitted with the latest in kitchen equipment by Siemens.


The sleek side-by-side refrigerator-freezer with black glass finish had us enthralled. It has a digital display and touch electronic controls. The shelves are adjustable. The doors too have shelves and there's quite a bit of stuff that this fridge can hold. dream fridge for sure...

Built in oven, combi oven & the coffee machine

Any kitchen needs an oven and this one has two!! There's a built-in convection oven and a combi steam oven. This is great for not only steam cooking but even for proofing breads! The ovens are energy-efficient and self-cleaning to boot. Fitted beside it is a built-in fully automatic coffee machine and below that, a warming drawer... my dream ovens and a coffee machine too...sigh!

Works on gas & electricity

Multi-functional cooktop

The Domino cooktop is multi-functional. There's a standard gas burner that can be used for wok cooking, a ceramic induction cooking zone and beside it, a lava grill, a deep fat fryer and a teppanyaki grill. Meats and veg can be cooked on it and even dosas, we were told. The last 3 come with flush fit covers and once the cooking is done and the covers fitted back, they practically go out of sight.

Siemen's dish washer

And who's going to do the washing up after a dinner party? This semi integrated dish washer takes care of that job. It has three racks and a fourth basket is just for cutlery. Even stemmed glasses stay stable during operation. The complete wash cycle in this machine is shorter, thereby saving water.

Island workspace

In the centre is an island countertop, providing sufficient working space. While the kitchen occupies about a third of the area, the remaining space is multi-functional - it could be converted into a dining area for guests attending a private dinner or double up as space for a cooking classes.

The Centre is the baby of chef and entrepreneur, Regi Mathew. The idea behind the setting up of this enterprise is manifold:

*Want to play chef? The space can be used for hosting parties where you could either cook the meal yourself or get one of the Centre's chefs to help with the planning and cooking;

*Large windows let in plenty of sunshine and the setting and lighting is perfect for photoshoots and food-styling classes;

*Culinary workshops can be conducted here;

*Standalone restaurants and star hotels can use the kitchen and the expertise of the Centre's chefs to standardise their recipes;

*Corporates can conduct cooking and baking sessions as part of their team building sessions;

*As an experience centre for Siemens products. All the equipment is by Siemens and you could even watch a demo before deciding to buy any of them.

If you love the cuisine of Kerala, there's Kappa Chakka Kandhari on the floor below. KCK translates to tapioca, jackfruit and bird's eye chilli, 3 ingredients that are a must have in most Kerala homes! The restaurant, run by Chef Mathew, John Paul and Augustine Kurian serves 'neo-stalgic' food - the kind of food made in Kerala homes, food that every Malayalee pines for when he/she is away from home.

Kappa & fish curry

After we were shown around the Centre, we were served kappa and red fish curry, one of the most popular and iconic dishes of Kerala. Delish! Plenty more followed at the food tasting:

Crisp corn in cups, chilli mess; pork with puttu; vegetable money bags
Finger foods

Vegetarian baos; teriyaki chicken

After a while, we weren't sure if we had to eat the food or admire it. The team's culinary prowess is truly remarkable.

Orchid tempura!

Banana payasam and tres leches cake

While KCK serves a huge variety of Kerala dishes, Chef Regi is an expert in Asian and Thai cuisine in particular.

Gourmet Experience Centre
No. 10, Haddows Road,
Chennai 600034.


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