An evening with OMG!

OMG! It's not what you think - it stands for Oh My Ganna!! Hilton Hotel Chennai and OMG! curated an event that starred ... yes... sugarcane juice.

What's in a bottle of OMG!

Sugarcane juice is what childhood memories are made of. But back then, it also came with dire warnings of the unhygienic way in which the juice was extracted and served. And it was a seasonal indulgence to boot. Not anymore because Nurticane Beverages has done plenty of R&D and come up with a way to extract the juice, bottle it and give it a shelf life of 6 months without refrigeration.

Mocktails; Karumbu Chaaru; OMG Magic; OMG Jelup

Cocktails: Puli Tithipu; OMG Magic; OMG Cooler

Dipin Kumar, Director and Co-Founder of Nurticane Beverages told us his company was able to bottle this natural thirst quencher, thanks to the FreshFusion processing technology it employs.

The bartenders at the Vintage Bank were up to their usual tricks. They created 6 drinks, 3 cocktails and 3 mocktails, each with a base of OMG's sugarcane juice. Additional flavours came from ingredients like lime, ginger, basil leaves, black salt, pomegranate juice and even cotton candy! In the case of cocktails, we found that vodka and rum and sugarcane juice make great cocktails.

OMG Magic with Absolut Blue vodka, OMG sugarcane juice,
pomegranate juice, basil, lime juice and cotton candy

Chef Manish and his team has been equally busy creating finger foods to go with the drinks. We nibbled on dainty food on sticks like chao tom, meen kaidina, lamb pinwheels and asparagus Caroline.

Veg mantou buns; asparagus Caroline

Lamb pinwheels

Chao Tom on sugarcane sticks; meen kaidina

Methi pappad ki seekh

OMG! has 3 variants - Cumin Crush, Lemon Love and Ginger Groove. They come in sleek bottles and are best when chilled. Priced at 40/, they are available in select stores in the city.

OMG Cooler. Served with a paper straw.


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