KCK's Onasadya for a cause

Onam celebrations are muted this year. Kerala has gone through one of the worst disasters in perhaps a century because of heavy rains and the devastating floods that followed. Many people from Tamil Nadu and across the country are raising funds for relief and rehabilitation work in any way they can.

Chef Regi Mathew

Many restaurants in Chennai are organising sadhyas and have pledged to donate part of the proceeds for relief work. One of them is Kappa Chakka Kandhari that opened its doors to the public just a month ago.  A week ago, we were invited for a preview of their Onasadya.

Colourful pookalam at the entrance

The sadya

Up on the 3rd floor at the Gourmet Experience Centre, Chef Regi Mathew took a group of us through the various dishes that make up a sadya and their placement on the banana leaf. The positioning of the leaf too is important with the narrow end on the diner's left. It starts with a tiny heap of salt, followed by 4 kinds of chips, pappadam and 4 pickles, including inji puli, a tongue-tingling sweet and spicy ginger jam. The parade of vegetables starts with eriserry, avial, beans mezhupuratti, puliserry, pineapple pachadi, cabbage thoren, a particularly delicious koottu curry and cucumber kichadi.  A ladle of parippu curry is poured over a helping of fat Kerala rice, a teaspoon of ghee is mixed in. The second course is rice with sambar, third is with buttermilk curry and last one is with rasam. A refreshing sambharan was also served along with a banana. What was it like? In one word - sumptuous!

What's on the leaf?

From bottom left: parippu (lentil) curry, mor curry; sambar; rasam

Awesome payasam: banana; jackfruit; rice ada; parippu (lentil)

There were 4 kinds of payasams to end the meal with - banana, jackfruit, rice ada and parippu. Absolutely yummy!

A family affair

The venue for Kappa Chakka Kandhari's Onasadya is the Railway Officer's Club at Sterling Road. If you prefer to have a takeaway, do remember to book one of their lunch boxes.
Contact numbers have been shared in the poster.


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