New menu at Stix, HRC

Stix at Hyatt Regency Chennai has pulled out all the stops to showcase their brand new menu. Resident Chef Sun Wenlin is from the Sichuan province and he has been delighting diners in Chennai with authentic flavours from the region for a while now. The new menu has a set of interesting dim sums and main courses.

There was quite a sizable crowd of guests who had been invited to the exclusive preview. We helped ourselves to the assortment of freshly steamed dim sums served with pairing sauces and dips. 

Dim sum baskets

Seafood dumplings

Lobster dumplings

Kung pao bao

Lamb pot stickers

Baked baos with wasabi vegetables

The clash of cymbals and drumbeats heralded the commencement of the dragon dance. Soon enough, the cutest little dragon came into view, its bobbing head keeping in step with its brightly lit pink body. The dancers weaved their way around the lobby and as everyone knows, the dragon is the symbol of good luck in Chinese culture.

Dim sum starters

Kung pao bao; seafood dumplings

Edamame dumplings. These green bundles are tiny but so addictive

Lobster, chicken and shrimp dumplings with chilli dip

All the dumplings were well made - thinly rolled skins, neatly pleated and stuffed with good amounts of filling. The stand outs were the pan-fried pot stickers and kung pao baos. The dough of the baos was fluffy and definitely the best I've had in town. On the vegetarian menu, the baked baos were the ones that kept disappearing the fastest. The combination of crisp pastry that enclosed the mild wasabi-coated diced vegetables was particularly nice.

Main courses

Lamb dry pot

Stir fried prawns in XO sauce

Barbeque fried chicken; kung pao chicken

Sichuanese food is spicy and pungent. Chillies and garlic are the most common ingredients, along with Sichuan peppers, and many of the dishes are made with the famous doubanjiang sauce. The lamb dry pot was deliciously spicy, the meat was tender and the onions provided the necessary crunch. The dish of stir fried prawns in XO sauce was delightful. It had king prawns that had been butterflied and cooked in XO sauce - succulent prawns that were coated in fabulous umami flavours.

Our bowl of barbeque chicken fried rice was so tasty. The rice was the sticky variety and that did add to its appeal. We paired it with kung pao chicken which had plenty of cashew nuts. Yum yum!

For the vegetarians, some of the items listed on the menu are fried eggplants in sweet-spicy sauce and Sichuan-style green veg in pickled chilli and cashew nut. There's much more of course!

Tender coconut ice cream; mango brûlée 

We had tender coconut ice cream and mango brûlée for dessert. Two great fruit-based desserts, a fitting end to a superb meal indeed.

Stix is open for both lunch and dinner, from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and from 6.30 to 11.30 pm. Choose from the à la carte menu, a meal for 2 without alcohol, could come to around 2200/-


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