Asian Sunday brunch at Va Pho

Kaya toast.

Do you like this staple Singaporean snack? If you do, there's one place that you can have this every Sunday and that's at Va Pho Asian Canteen.

Va Pho, the restaurant at Cathedral Road has started a buffet brunch service every Sunday and can you believe that it's a completely Asian menu? From porridge (congee) with sides to Asian-style salads to siu mai, noodles... yes, for brekkie... to a fabulous Vietnamese curry with buns, Chef Ram Kumar and his team have covered all the bases. There's even spicy sausages, an egg salad and chicken wings that we gorged on.

Veg salad with peanut dressing; fruit salad; fried egg salad

Chicken porridge with sides

Flavoursome porridge

Sui mai

Grilled sausages; chicken wings

Veg spring rolls; broccoli mushroom garlic stir fry
Chicken bao
A delightful platter of Asian eats

Veg soft noodles

Even egg fried rice

Vietnamese potato curry

Vietnamese chicken curry with buns

Toast & kaya

There was a noticeable buzz on the other side of the room where sweet dishes were being served. Everyone made a beeline for the kaya toast and it was really, really good. Kaya is a coconut jam flavoured with pandan leaves and Va Pho has got the texture and flavour spot on. All it now needs is salted butter to be slathered on the bread.

Apart from that, there were some other delightful eats:

Kuih keria - doughnuts made with sweet potato

Orange butter cake

Leche flan
Banana pancake; cut fruit

You can begin or end your meal with the cold iced Milo, coffee, tea or even iced black coffee.

Iced Milo


Va Pho's unlimited Sunday brunch is priced at 495/- all inclusive. What a deal!
Timings are from 10.30 - 3 pm.


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