Readying for Christmas

A little over a month to Christmas.

The biggest job this month was to prepare the fruits that go into the Christmas cake. I buy vine fruits- currants, raisins and sultanas throughout the year, wash and dry them and by early November, the remaining fruits are bought, cleaned, chopped and then readied to be mixed with spices and all the other ingredients that put the spirit of Christmas into fruit cakes!

Are more people born in the last 4 months of the year?
I would think so, at least in my family. A look at my family's website shows most birthdays are in the months of October and November.

I have 2 representatives of this trend at home- the son and the husband. In the midst of fruit cake preparation, I managed to bake a Kahlua mocha mousse cake.

A chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with coffee mousse and almond nibs. A coat of chocolate ganache to encase the whole.

 Yum yum!!


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