Stuffed Vegetarian Buns - a workshop

When my son was in school, he was very clear about what he would take from home for lunch- sandwiches or pizzas. It made things very easy for me as it was easy to assemble and no spillage worries.

Occasionally, I'd make him stuffed buns and these were his favourites. His classmates would ask him why he never ate "regular" food like rice. All the same, I had to pack an extra portion for them as his constant refrain was that if I didn't, they would help themselves to his lunch! Haven't most mothers heard this?

At a workshop on stuffed vegetarian buns, this is what is on the menu- vegetable pizza spirals, mushroom rolls, cheese and herb buns and apple peek-a-boos. Completely vegetarian and eggless.

On Sunday February 28th, 2016, 10.30am - 2.30pm.


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