At the Quiche, Pies and Tarts workshop

Older cookbooks tell you that pastry should not be made on a hot day. Coincidence or foolhardiness, the quiche workshop was held on the first day of the dreaded kathri- the peak of summer. Nevertheless, the pastry we made was tender and flaky and we all did survive the heat of the day.

Lattice cherry pie, chicken and vegetable quiche

Fish and herb quiche

Luncheon quiche lorraine

For me, a slice of quiche is a perfect meal for summer.

The second part of this workshop will be held in June.


  1. All of them were daughter totally loved the cherry one!! Thank you for your patience

  2. My pleasure. I too love the cherry pie!

  3. dear sara where can i find the receipes for these pie s tarts and quinches

  4. Hi Anita, these quiches were done at a workshop conducted recently. I will be doing Part 2 soon, if you'd like to attend it, please leave your number with me. Thanks.


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