Cakes & Desserts To Impress Part 1- a workshop

There are the times when you need to impress people with your cooking skills. You've got recipes for the perfect appetisers, deliciously crunchy salads, lip smacking main courses and then the dessert...yes, what to do about dessert? A lot of people I know serve fruits and ice cream. No, no...make something that will make your guests go weak in the knees and keep them wondering how in the world you've been able to cook a delectable meal AND make a stunner of a dessert.

At part 1 of a two part workshop on Cakes & Desserts to Impress, you'll learn to make:

Liqueur fruit slice - the glamorous cousin of cake and custard;
Chocolate mousse gateau - alternate layers of sponge cake and a decadently smooth chocolate mousse. On second thoughts, you might just keep this one for yourself and serve those fruits with ice cream;
Molten chocolate cake - softly baked chocolate cake with a molten centre, served with a scoop of ice cream. This one's a one way trip to chocolate heaven;
Fresh cream apple torte - some cake, some pastry and some apples come together to create this delicious and unusual torte.

On May 16th from 10.30 am - 2.30 pm at Kottivakkam.


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