Delicious Dimsums - a workshop

Originally a Cantonese speciality, dimsums are now popular all round the world. After all, doesn't the sight of these small and dainty morsels of food induce sudden hunger?

Dimsums can be steamed, baked or fried - the outer covering dictates the method of cooking. Then again, not all dimsums are made with a wrapper. How does turnip cake sound, or spare ribs, or even chicken feet? The best accompaniment for dimsum is tea. Of course, there are many stories and myths surrounding the concept of yum cha. But whatever its shape or cooking method, there's pleasure in eating a dimsum as it will "touch the heart".

At the workshop "Delicious Dimsums", learn to make:

1. Siu mai;

2. Gou tie (potstickers);

3. Prawn hargao;

4. Yam puffs

On Friday, June 18th at Kottivakkam, from 10.30 am-2.30 pm.


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