Japanese fare at Bazaar

Master chef Hirofumi Masaki and pastry chef Yasushi Kawashimo were in Chennai a few weeks ago to showcase authentic Japanese food. Bazaar at Grand Chennai was the venue where the visiting chefs put up a splendid display of Japanese fare.

Chefs Yasushi Kawashimo and Hirofumi Masaki

Bazaar has a wonderful vibe to it and that night, the restaurant was positively buzzing with diners. Chef Masaki is one of the top sushi chefs in his country and the large platter of assorted sushi he put together bore testament to his expertise. The varieties were mind boggling.

A part of the colourful restaurant had been turned into a Japanese corner and along with a cold display box, there was a large teppan from which delicious aromas rose. We started with soup, the miso broth was delicious and there was a range of ingredients to add on, including soba noodles.

Sushi and more sushi
Veg stir-fry hot off the teppan

The chef manning the teppan quickly put together a dish of stir fried veggies (the chefs had brought in more than 100 kilos of ingredients). All those yummy sauces ensured that the finished dish tasted real good.

Udon stir fry


Beef teriyaki

Chicken dambushi

Ajedashi tofu

Sliced salmon for nigiri sushi

Watching the chefs construct nigiri sushi was fascinating. They were so quick and in a matter of a minute, they had assembled and plated three of them. A little Japanese mayo was drizzled over and then torched. Well, I've never had sushi this way and it was quite a treat to watch them in action.

Torched nigiri sushi
GRT's amazing spread of desserts 

The chefs have long gone but I heard that before they left, they trained the chefs at Bazaar so well that Japanese food is now on the menu!

Bazaar is at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels, T'Nagar. 


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