Summer menu at Focaccia, HRC

If you're looking for true Italian food, you'll find it for sure at Focaccia. The Italian restaurant at Hyatt Regency Chennai serves some of the best Italian food in the city. Invited to review the new menu, we were wide eyed as dish after dish made an appearance at our table.

We like it when Chef Mauro Ferrari goes to Italy for a break. Cos we know that when he returns, he brings back new ingredients and new menu ideas to tantalize his diners. Yup, he's done it again!! The menu is perfect for Chennai's summer; the classic dishes are all there and new ones too with lighter interpretations and perfect plating. Yeah, I'm talking about the flowers 😍

Carpaccio di branzino, arcancia, cipollotto, mandrole tostate

Millefoglie di parmiggiano, flan di zucchine al tartufo, crema di carote e formaggio di capra

It's not only Japanese cuisine that has raw fish. Chef Mauro does a sea-bass carpaccio with orange segments and toasted almonds. It's delightfully light and a complete no-carb dish.
Not to be outdone was Parmesan millefeuille, truffle zucchini flan, carrot and goat's cheese cream. The dainty flan was more like a mousse on a sauce of carrot and goat's cheese. Parmesan crisps are studded into the sides of the flan in a spiral. Chef Mauro likes to add a touch of whimsy when he's plating up.

Panzanella, burrata, olive oil & basil; trio of flavoured cheese, dry fruit, apple compote & pear savoury tart

Insalata caprese featured decadent crisp panzanella and creamy burrata; it seems to be the cheese of choice in many restaurants. There was also a trio of cheese balls - feta, goat's cheese and Gorgonzola coated in hazelnuts, pistachio and raisins. We were told to eat them along with the spiced apple compote and a smidgen of balsamic vinegar. I tell ya - there was a party dancing on my taste buds - sweet, salty, spicy, cheesy, crunchy, umami ...did I leave anything out? The pastry of the pear tart was the only thing that didn't quite fit into the scheme of things.

Risotto allo champagne, capesante, riduzione di bisque

Casoncelli verdi all'aragosta fonduta di porri -
green lobster ravioli with leek Parmesan fondue and tempura prawns - so yummy!

Champagne risotto with bisque reduction and scallops was lovely. The creamy rice was so perfectly done, the scallops juicy and the seafood stock - I could drown in that flavour.

Branzino avvolto nelle zucchne, zabaione al pomodoro, verdure saltate

Filletto con riduzione di porcini e vino rosso, patate al bacon e verdue

The fillet of sea bass was wrapped in zucchini ribbons and baked. The meat was moist and the blush pink sabayon a wonderfully creamy accompaniment. There was stiff competition from the melting-ly tender medium-done beef tenderloin and sauce made from porcini mushrooms and red wine reduction, served with mashed potatoes, sautéed zucchini and asparagus.

Zuppa inglese

Meringa alla menta e cioccolato

You just cannot pass up an Italian dessert. Or 2!  It was as if pictures from a food magazine had come to life in front of us. While the zuppa ingeles had chocolate, custard and stewed apples, the mint parfait meringue was exquisite. Delicate crusty meringue, the smoothest of parfaits and raspberry coulis for a touch of zest.

Head on over to Focaccia to taste Chef Mauro's new à la carte menu. And those desserts.
A meal for 2 is about 2500/++.


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