Bingeing on Sunday brunch at The Hilton

For some reason, every time we go to Vasco's, we're seated beside the dessert station. This time too, but now, there is a chalkboard offering pithy advice 😊

Every station has its specials

In fact, there are chalkboards beside all the stations highlighting the specials. In a way, the advice is good because it's a constant reminder to keep space for dessert. Which is an impossible task when you're at Vasco's, The Hilton Chennai, which has relaunched the biggest Sunday brunch in the city. Called the Bingeful Sunday Brunch, Vasco's promises to keep you "overfed and overwhelmed".

Appetisers - prawn tempura, tandoori chicken 

Pizza toppings



Sushi, sashimi & tapas. The sushi rice does dry out when it's been sitting around so do ask for fresh made ones 

And they are not joking! From appetisers to pizzas served at the table, the vast spread includes sushi, some tapas, mezze and pasta.

Braised pork belly

Breads on display

At the carving station, there's a hunk of braised pork belly. You could pair slices of that with a variety of breads in the shelf on the opposite side.

Teppanyaki counters on the deck. The prawns are always delicious!

Dim sums

Check out the Indian counter if it's biryani you're looking for. My favourite is the dim sum station with steaming hot dumplings and the awesomest sauces to dip them into. The Asian station is another personal favourite. This time, there was Mongolian noodles (yum), a Thai veg curry and this ultra delish whole fish with Thai herbs and it seemed to be everyone's favourite as well.

Roast fish with Thai herbs

Pasta and Western mains
Flaky pastry, tender meat, a nice rendition of Beef Wellington

Jazz up your cocktails

Thirsty? There's a selection of wines from Jacob's Creek and beers from Hoegaarden and Kingfisher.

I was asked to try a Bulldog! I did and it is mighty refreshing. And huuuuge!! Yup, a beer bottle inside a lime mint mojito.

Wine stomping 

It was for sure a lucky day because a wine stomping session was on the cards. Hop into the barrel and squish those grapes till they turn to mush. When you're done, wash your feet in the tub of water thoughtfully provided by the hotel. 


Iced lollies


My selection - baked yoghurt, coconut pannacotta; caramel mousse. All yummy! 
Live music by Ryan and the band 
Little ones have their own space. 

Hilton's Bingeful Sunday Brunch is from 12 noon to 4 pm. As promised, it does keep you stuffed and the spread is vast and delicious. The brunch is priced at 2195/++ per head.


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