New menu at Cappuccino

Crowne Plaza was positively buzzing that evening. The winning IPL team was back at its "home den" with crowds inside and outside the hotel craning their necks, hoping to get a glimpse of their favourite men in yellow. It was serendipity for me because I did get to see some of them while walking into Cappuccino, the 24-hour coffee shop.

Cappuccino has been around for decades and now, they have a new menu crafted around global cuisines and with plenty of fresh elements. Curated by Executive Chef Deva and Chef Kalidoss, diners can feast on quintessentially English favourites like Shepherd's Pie or Thai curries and even Indian kebabs in the relaxed setting of an upmarket cafe.

Arugula and goat's cheese salad

A plateful of arugula is my idea of a salad and what was put in front of me was fresh and summery. Dabs of goat's cheese, orange segments and candied walnuts with maple syrup dressing... yeah, I did dive into it.

Yummy Murgh Angara. The red chutney is amazing!

Crab cakes
The crab cake was delicious - lots of crab filling and a crisp panko-crumbed outside. Avocado aioli and a fresh salsa topped with crushed toasted coriander seeds added more crunch and an interesting well-rounded flavour.

Katong laksa; wild mushroom soup

Singapore's Katong Laksa? I almost fell off my chair in excitement but as it's said, there are many slips between cup and lip. The positive was that it was suitably coco-nutty with plenty of seafood. The wild mushroom soup, on the other hand, was creamy and full of finely diced mushrooms. A little more mushroom stock and a little less cream and it would have become the dish of the day for sure.   

Shrimp roll

The shrimp roll was batter fried shrimps and veggies rolled inside a tortilla. The prawns were nice but the tortilla wasn't. Even the salsa and sour cream did nothing for the roll.

Barbeque chicken pizza - thin base, everything else was meh

Maa ki dal & olive cheese bread

Olive and cheese naan and maa ki dal - now that's yummy combo. The dal was creamy and mellow, a perfect mix of spices and every ingredient that goes into the making of this dish.   

Braised rump of lamb

Braised rump of lamb, moistened with jus was unbelievably tender. The creamy garlic and potato mash was very light, a side of baby potatoes, zucchini, carrots and broccoli made for a winning combination and was definitely the star of the evening.

Hazelnut crème brûlée 

Chocolate cheesecake & fudge squares

We were stuffed but who can turn down not one but two plated desserts? To be fair, the desserts were ready but we were not, hence the crack of burnt sugar on the hazelnut crème brûlée was a little inaudible. It was rich and creamy and the flavour of the hazelnut paste lingered. The chocolate cheesecake, pretty as a picture, was equally divine. 

Cappuccino's new menu is a welcome one and needs only a little fine tuning. Grab a bite or have a full meal here between 12 noon and 12 midnight. A meal for 2 is about 1600/++

Cappuccino is at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park.
044 24994101.

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