Oktoberfest 7 at Hyatt Regency

"Chug the mug", they said and we guzzled cold beers. "Dive into the bratwurst," they said and we did that too. And then we went gaga over the Bavarian beer fest!

German Deputy CG and his wife

While the first Oktoberfest started 211 years ago in Munich, Hyatt Regency is celebrating the festival for the 7th consecutive year with plenty of food, drinks and music. We were invited for the inauguration of the 16 day festival that started on September 22nd.
365AS came alive with the colours of Bavaria when the German Counsel General tapped the keg open. Mugs of beer were served and we tapped our feet to German folk music.

The wursts...

...the beer...

...the salads...
and pretzels

Executive Chef of Andaz Hotel, New Delhi, Alexander Moser and Hyatt Regency's Vikram Ganpule and the team did a marvellous job of curating the menu. Along with a selection of German beers, chicken and pork sausages, including the ever popular snail sausage, a variety of salads were laid out at the tables. And of course, pumpernickel rolls and pretzels and bottles of mustard; is any self-respecting Oktoberfest menu ever complete without them?   

Table settings and mustard

Roasted pork belly with jus

At the carving station was roasted pork belly. Beautifully scored and baked to burnished gold, it was deliciously tender and moist.

Tadka sausage

Tandoori sausage

The chefs have been rather innovative this year and came up with 2 new additions to the sausage menu. There's tadka sausage - sliced sausages cooked in a spicy masala. Also, tandoori sausage, grilled in a tandoor. The crowd seemed to love these variants; they were served with chutneys and dips and my friends swore they were perfect accompaniments to the pretzels.

The chefs pulled out all the stops to ensure an all-inclusive menu this time so that even vegetarians and vegans did not leave disappointed. Along with vegetarian salads, there was also grilled soy "meat" and even a veg biryani on the special menu.
Delicious desserts - chocolate & salty caramel tart; sacher; Kasierschmarrn; apple & cranberry strudel

As for the desserts, from the peach kuchen to the addictive salted caramel tart and strudel with cherry compote, each one of them was sinfully delicious.

A train line dance started, the line moved through the tables, adding to the mirth and merriment and everyone who was not eating, joined in the fun.

Oktoberfest at 365AS is on till October 7th, from 7 pm onwards. It is priced at 1499/++ per head.


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