Masterclass by Delta Nutritives

Delta Nutritives is one of my favourite vendors. Merely going through their brochure is a rather dicey job for me because they have stuff in it that makes me forget my baking ingredient budget. So when I received an invite for a masterclass by Delta and that too at the newly-opened Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa, I grabbed the opportunity - I would have been some kind of a nut to turn it down!

Art installation

It's a pastoral scene that greets visitors as they enter the portico of the new property on the ECR - there's a group of 3 buffaloes that are a-laying around. Beyond this art installation is a walkway and beyond that, the blue waters of the bay.

Focaccia before and after baking

I had booked for the afternoon session which was to be a demo on a variety of breads using premixes. However, there was a mix up between schedules and I was just in time to see the last of the breads - a batch of focaccia - going into the oven.


Well, no harm done because the chefs were slicing up the breads they had baked earlier and they were passed around for us to taste. Dee-li-cious!

Fillings and chocolates by Delta Nutritives

While the preparation for the next session was going on, I browsed through Delta's display stall. Single origin chocolates, 5 kg chocolate bars, bags of chocolate callets, canned fruits, cake and confectionery fillings, sauces, bread mixes and so much more. Yup, it did look like I would overshoot my budget for the month :(

On the other side of the hall, the competition for GO Cheese Indian Chef awards were going on. Competing chefs were busy cooking up yummy dishes at their stations and the aromas that arose from their cooking pots filled the room.

Back at the demo area, Chef Satish cleaned up his workspace and started to temper chocolate. He then proceeded to fill a piping bag with the chocolate and piped the chocolate into previously filled moulds. He also used the tempered chocolate to make chocolate shells. Well-tempered chocolate sets with a glossy finish and breaks with a sharp snap.

Piping chocolate into the moulds

Finishing touches

Chocolate shells
Irresistible - shiny chocolate bonbons
Squares of frozen mousse ready to be coated in red velvet glaze
Red velvet glaze

The eggless red velvet entremets had been made ahead - cream cheese mousse that enclosed two thin layers of red velvet cake. Red velvet glaze was poured over it and it was decorated with chocolate beetles and flowers.

Eggless red velvet entremets
The inside story

Shells and mousse for chocolate banoffee tart

"Tart Revisited" was a chocolate banoffee tart. The pastry shells had been baked ahead, the mousse filling was also ready and well frozen. Slices of banana were cooked and laid over the tart shells, a chocolate glaze was poured on top and carefully placed over the shell. The only adornment they needed were crispearls and chocolate flowers.

Chocolate banoffee tarts

An afternoon of desserts

The chefs and their creations

What an amazing show by Chef Satish and his talented team. And yes - the glazes, chocolates, fillings and decor are available at Delta Nutritives.


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