Quiche, Pies and Tarts- a workshop

A golden shell, a savory or a sweet filling, topped with a beautifully browned crust. Or no top crust if it is a quiche. Shortcrust pastry at its best.

Learn how to make the perfect shortcrust pastry at a workshop on Quiche, Pies and Tarts.

On the menu-

Luncheon quiche Lorraine - a classic quiche that uses luncheon meat;
Chicken and mixed vegetable quiche - a delicious quiche filled with chicken and vegetables;
Herb and fish quiche - if you like fish, here's a novel way to bake it into a quiche; and
Lattice cherry pie - juicy red cherries and pastry - a delightful way to end any meal.

This workshop will be held on February 20th, 10.30 am- 2.30 pm at Kottivakkam.

Lattice cherry pie


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