At the Petits Fours workshop

Dainty pink little cakes, tiny nutty tarts in their brown shells, gooey chocolate slathered over eclairs, now who wouldn't want to choose from a trayful of these beauties?

The workshop on petits fours saw the participants trying their piping skills on the mochas,

and iced treats.

The delightful walnut delights were a breeze to make-

- and the eclairs, filled with cream and dipped into chocolaty goodness, definitely on everyone's to do list.

 Talk about irresistible forces meeting immovable objects:

 Nope, these petits fours won't remain immovable for too long.


  1. Whr r these classes and is there any options for eggless baking? I will b interested in them..

  2. Hi, the classes are at Chennai, all the recipes use eggs.


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