Lunch at Shiraz Cafe

We found this gem of a place a few years ago. It wasn't too far from where we lived and the best part was that we didn't have to fight traffic headed into the city. Shiraz Art Cafe, located in the Cholamandal Artists Village on the ECR, is just the place for a lazy Sunday lunch. The family that runs it is from Iran and naturally, they showcase Iranian and Middle Eastern food at their popular lunch buffet.

The buffet spread is laid out inside the cafe but you fill your plates and sit outside under the trees. It was sultry the day we went but fans had been set up which cooled the space.

A grape sorbet was first served at the table. Quite sweet but the iced treat was perfect for the weather and the outdoor seating.

The tables in the cafe were laden with food- soups, mezze, rice, naan and Shiraz's signature main courses.

We skipped the soup and feasted on hummus, lavash, spring rolls  and all this-

A selection of rice-

Saffron rice, orange peel rice, dill flavoured rice and naan

 Vibrant gravies, so full of flavour-

and Shiraz Cafe's special roast chicken

And on another table, a selection of desserts, including Indian sweets, fresh cut fruits, cake and ice cream puddings.

The food is full of flavour and lightly spiced, the dishes are replenished frequently and the atmosphere is akin to sitting in your favourite relative's home and enjoying a lazy Sunday lunch. The dining area is surrounded by stone sculptures and somewhere in the distance, the cawing of crows...

Nisrin Karimi brought me back to wakefulness with a glass of refreshing Shiraz tea.  Hot, sweet and lemony.

The buffet is priced at Rs. 735/- nett.
Cafe Shiraz will function at its present premises till October 27th. After a month's break, they will move to a new location at Neelangkarai.


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