Birthdays in October

In my house, the baking rush starts in October. The son has his birthday and every year, I try to come up with a new flavour. This year, I decided to do 2 cakes as he wanted to take one to work.

The checkerboard cake is an old favourite. Now of course, cake pans for making this are available but there's something about cutting out rings of cake, plastering them with icing and reassembling them. Not to mention the mess that it leaves behind!! This cake was held together with Italian meringue buttercream.

But slice them and that's when the pattern is revealed. But let me tell you one thing- use a knife to slice this cake. A cake server is not an appropriate slicing tool!! Learnt that the hard way.

The second cake was a red velvet. Red velvet cakes are basically chocolate cakes with red food colour. I experimented with a few recipes till I got one which I liked, and then tried out an icing which would complement it.

Both these cakes will be taught in an upcoming class.


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